Saw Laman is a professional songwriter from Texas. He has written seven songs for a pop album titled "For Sailor - Always and Forever." He has also written two songs for country music artist Samuel Davis Jr.
He is currently working on his new Epic Fantasy series:
JuneBug and the I-Guard.
Saw Laman

JuneBug and the I-Guard is a part of me now.

"I love to write. It does not matter what I am writing about, I always write from the heart. This book has become a part of me. When I finished the first draft, I set the book aside for a time. For several weeks after, I felt sad. I missed my characters. They had become a part of me and suddenly they were gone. Although the story was over, I still wanted to know what my characters were doing.
It is my belief that when people read, they want to escape the current environment, if just for a little while. Even after the first book was over, fans wanted to know what Harry and his friends were doing. For a writer, that is the best compliment a reader can bestow. I want people to find a connection with my characters. Whether they are the smart kid in class like Kayla, the class clown like Toby, or the quiet and shy kid like David, I want my readers to connect, to find a friend, and to have a favorite character while reading.
Now I have started writing the second book and all is right in the world. I just hope that my readers will experience the same connection to the characters as I have. I hope that I will find life-long fans even before they finish the first book."
Saw's First Book

Saw's first self-published book was  
a 2008 DIY hobby craft book  
called Truckz-N-Thingz Plastic  
Canvas Patterns 3 in 1. It is a  
step-by-step instruction book for 3  
plastic canvas 18-Wheeler truck  
designs that he created and  
copyrighted. Each truck consists of  
around 150 individual pieces and  
the book teaches you exactly how  
to cut, work, and assemble each  
truck. Each truck has see-through  
windshields, wheels that roll, and  
trailers that separate from the cab  
of the truck. The details in the  
trucks are a must-see. See  
pictures below.
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